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Artist Bio

At a very young age Teresa's Mom began calling her Tess and the name of endearment has stuck with her ever since.  Tess was born and raised on the Canadian prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, but she has also experienced living in and enjoying the unique landscapes Canada offers.  This includes living on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, the foothills of Southern Alberta, and spending countless summers on the beautiful lakes and beaches of Manitoba and Ontario.  From a young age Tess had a love for art, beauty and nature, especially animals.  With the support and encouragement of her parents she began with painting lessons in her community.  As an adult, she had a love of learning and earned her first degree in Clothing and Textiles. She later achieved one of her "bucket list" goals and earned a Bachelor of Laws degree. More recently, attended university in a Fine Arts degree program, and is also a graduate of the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program.


Tess' art is an invitation into experiencing the joy and beauty of the natural elements around us and bringing it into our environments.  She feels strongly that every creature in nature holds its own intrinsic value and wisdom upon which our human world is reliant; both plant and animal. She says her work “is a pause; a love letter to the beauty of the natural world."  Tess has a deep connection to animals; especially birds, which have been a part of her life for over 40 years when she started bringing all sorts of pets and strays home. Creating enchanted worlds in her art brings her peace and joy and it is her hope that it brings the same into her collectors' personal spaces.  She enjoys working in a limited palette and creating depth in her paintings with contrast and fine brush work.  She is always searching for new inspiration and materials to incorporate into her process but has a true love for the richness and satisfaction of working with oils.


Currently, she enjoys working out of her home studio in Medicine Hat, Alberta, sharing her life with her husband, children, their 3 dogs, one very strange cat, and 2 parrots.   In her leisure, she enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and children biking and exploring the terrain of Southern Alberta.  She is looking forward to discovering the Rocky Mountains and heading to the eastern provinces in the future.  She is currently giving voice to her visions of nature's beauty and is excited about sharing her message with the world.

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